"Connor's Law" requires defibrillators at all public pools as well as trained personnel on site in the state of Maryland. The law was named after 5 year old Connor Freed, who tragically lost his life to a drowning incident at a local public pool in June 2006. The pool had an AED (defibrillator) on site, however when 911 was called they said to the operator "we are not allowed to use it". Connor was in cardiac arrest and this simple device would have saved his life. The American Red Cross now requires all lifeguards in the State of Maryland to be CPR certified as well as trained on the use of an AED.

 As a matter of fact, both the American Heart Association and the Red Cross both agree now that AED's are part of resuscitation for drowning victims and that's why their lifeguards have to be trained on them today. It is also estimated that nearly 60% of early drowning victims are in VF (ventricular fibrillation), which is a severely abnormal heart rhythm and needs an AED to help save their life.  Dr. Victoria Vetter of Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and a world renown expert pediatric electrophysiologist is very adamant about public pools having AEDs.

We are so thankful to all of our supporters, our family and friends, and those who have followed our foundation throughout the last seven years. Without your ongoing dedication, we wouldn't be here today announcing the passing of 'Connor's Law' in the state of Maryland, which requires defibrillators at all public pools throughout the state. This law WILL save lives.

AED's are so vital in a time of an emergency and there is no reason public pools should not have them. With easy access to these simple devices, chances of survival rate can approach 80% to 100% when defibrillation occurs within the first few minutes. We believe Connor would still be alive today had an AED been used on him. The American Red Cross now requires lifeguards to be trained on the use of AED's.  Maryland and the Connor Cares Foundation will lead the nation in placement of defibrillators at public pools to help prevent needless drownings and other associated tragedies that could be stopped.

We are forever grateful to those of you who have stood by us endlessly and will continue to let Connor's legacy live on through our work.