• There are 591 teardrops in an ounce.
  • There are 128 ounces in a gallon
  • There are on average 19,000 gallons in an average swimming pool.
  • This means it takes 1,437,312,000 teardrops to fill a swimming pool.

Over 1.4 BILLION teardrops.

To the family who has lost a child to drowning...

...the teardrops are immeasurable.

Shed a tear... Share a tear... Wear a tear.

Help support our efforts. We know you feel our pain...

Our next goal is to fight the good fight across the US.  One state down... Only 49 more to go!

Help support our efforts. With the passing of Connor's Law it will be mandatory for all public pools to have a defibrillator on hand.

There will be MANY public pools across the land that simply can not afford the average cost of $1,500.

This is where Connor Cares steps in. Through your generosity as well as corporate partners we will raise the necessary funds for those jurisdictions that are most in need.

In addition to donating defibrillators, the foundation aims to bring about awareness regarding water safety and drowning statistics, and educate the public through campaigns, fundraising, and training. 

With a donation in any amount, you will receive this pin as well as a thank you from Connor Cares Foundation.



YOU can help!