Connor's Story


Connor Freed was born on a hot summer Maryland day on July 6th, 2000.  He was a special baby right from the start and was surrounded by so much love.  His dark hair and long eyelashes were very apparent right from the start.  All the nurses gushed that he was way too pretty to be a boy!  He was always a very laid back baby, for the most part, and got along with everyone he came across.

Though he was a shy and reserved little guy, he was also full of energy and a big goofball!  He loved to sing and dance around to his big sister, Brittany’s, favorite bands.  Even though they were ten years apart, they had an immediate bond right from the start.  Connor was a night hound; he enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in even later!  He knew when the Power Rangers came on and would always manage to catch an episode before bedtime.  He loved going to the movies with his mommy and it was certainly one of their favorite activities to do together.  In fact, the last movie that Mommy and Connor went to together was Disney’s “Cars”.  Connor enjoyed riding his bike, playing baseball, and exploring the great outdoors. His favorite vacation was going to Gettysburg, PA every summer.

On June 22nd, 2006, at a local country club, Connor drowned beneath an empty lifeguard chair in five feet of water.  A patron of the pool spotted Connor's lifeless body and pulled him out of the water.  Another patron began performing CPR as he threw up water.  Once 911 was called, they questioned, "Is there a defibrillator there?"  The response: "Yes.  But we are not allowed to use it."  We strongly feel that a simple defibrillator would have saved his life.  Since our tragedy, we made a promise to Connor that we never wanted this to happen to any other child.  We are keeping his legacy alive through the work of our foundation and will continue to strive for the safety of our precious children.